Fit to Fly PCR Travel Test in London

In a post-pandemic world, travel isn’t as easy as it once was. Alongside remembering your passport, the local currency, and a visa, now you must consider COVID-19 restrictions before any travel. 

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you may need to obtain a COVID-19 test before being allowed to board your plane. The challenge travellers now face is the discrepancy between requirements for different airlines and destinations. 

PCR tests, lateral flow tests, fit to fly certificates, 48-hour windows, and 72-hour windows – do you know which one you need? We’ve got you covered if you’re thinking about a Fit to Fly PCR Travel Test in London. 

This article will take you through the answers to all your questions about getting a PCR travel test in London. 

What Is a Fit to Fly PCR Test? 

By now, you’re probably familiar with several types of covid tests, including the PCR test. However, a Fit to Fly PCR test has a crucial difference. 

Alongside your negative test result, you’ll need a certificate signed by a doctor that states you are in good health and safe to embark on air travel. 

In some cases, you’ll undergo a health screening that monitors vitals such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate. Other clinics will complete a verbal check on your symptoms and forgo further testing. 

In a nutshell, a Fit to Fly is the same COVID-19 test as a PCR, with additional health screening questions. 

Do I Need a Fit to Fly Test?

There are several situations where getting a PCR travel test in London is either essential or sensible. 

If you’re planning to leave the country, you need to check both your airline and destination requirements – many will require a Fit to Fly certificate. However, guidance changes constantly, so ensure you check government websites for updated information. 

Additionally, if you’re flying internationally and have a layover in a different country, they may require this testing (even if you won’t be leaving the airport). 

Even if your airline or destination doesn’t require a pre-departure test, it’s a good idea. Several travellers have taken their chances, tested positive on arrival and been left out of pocket due to COVID-19 insurance scams

In 2022, some destinations and airlines no longer request Fit to Fly certificates. Instead, you may be asked to show the result of a Lateral Flow Antigen test or Antibody test. Bear in mind that a home test kit may not be accepted in many cases, and it’s still best to get these tests completed in an accredited clinic. 

How Much Does a COVID-19 Test Cost? 

To complicate matters regarding COVID-19 further, you can find tests ranging anywhere from £5-£250. 

The factors affecting price include: 

  • Whether you buy an at-home or in-clinic test
  • If the clinic is government certified for testing 
  • The type of COVID-19 test you need
  • The timeframe you need the results
  • Whether you also require a Fit to Fly certificate 
  • If you purchase additional insurance for re-testing if needed 

At London Covid Testing, we offer several PCR Fit to Fly testing packages to suit your needs. You can choose from: 

  • Fit to Fly PCR Certificate – £69
  • Emergency Fit to Fly PCR certificate – £99
  • Fit to Fly Express PCR – £139

These costs include the price of the testing service and the Fit to Fly certificate. Additionally, if you’re travelling as a family or on business, we offer special packages to support your needs. 

Where Can I Get a Fit to Fly Test In London? 

Fortunately, you can find Fit to Fly Covid-19 testing easily in London. However, be cautious about which company you choose. You need to visit a certified and accredited lab to ensure your certificate is accepted by your airline and destination. 

London Covid Testing have three sites you can visit around the city. Each is UKAS accredited, complies with ISO15189 and ISO17025, and your test results will be accepted globally.

If you’re unfamiliar with the city, don’t worry; there are several ways to navigate London that vary in price and efficiency. 

Victoria Clinic 

The Victoria Clinic is found around a three-minute walk from Victoria Station. Simply walk to the University House on 11-13 Lower Grosvenor Place, and you’ll find the clinic. 

The opening hours for the Victoria Clinic are 9 am-6 pm, seven days a week. 

Knightsbridge Clinic

The Knightsbridge Clinic is found inside the CNCPT Store on 14-18 Brompton Road. Once you’ve arrived at this location, either ask security for directions or call us directly on 0203 4880809. 

The opening hours for the Knightsbridge Clinic are 12 pm-8 pm, seven days a week. 

Wembley Clinic 

The Wembley Clinic is easy to find; go to 22 Abbey Road and enter Unimix House. You’ll find the clinic on the first floor. 

The opening hours at the Wembley Clinic are 10 am-5 pm, seven days a week. 

How to Book a Fit to Fly Test 

Booking a Fit to Fly test with London Covid Testing is a simple, stress-free process. Simply choose your required clinic on our website, select which test you need and choose one of the available slots. 

You’ll be taken to a booking form where you can enter your personal information and we’ll email you confirmation of your booking immediately. 

Depending on when you’re flying, make sure you allow enough time for your booking. For a standard Fit to Fly, you’ll be able to make a next day appointment; for an emergency or express test, you can book a same-day appointment. 

Wherever possible, our clinics will accommodate walk-ins. However, it’s recommended that you pre-book your appointment if possible. 

If you cannot book online, please email the team at or call us at 0203 4888 463. 

How to Prepare for Your Test

Preparing for your test is easy; complete a consent form, bring your passport, and arrive at the clinic! 

However, if you or others in your family are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms before your appointment, please call the customer support team in advance to discuss your options. 

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Staff will guide you through the process of getting your PCR test when you arrive at the clinic. Expect to be there for around fifteen minutes for the testing to be complete. 

Once invited into the clinic, you’ll have either a nasal or throat swab taken, which will be analysed in the laboratory. People requesting lateral flow tests will remain in the clinic to wait for the results; if you’ve booked a PCR test, you’ll leave and wait for your results at home. 

Receiving Your Test Results 

After your PCR test, you’ll receive an email that contains your test results. There are three possible options: positive, negative, or inconclusive. 

Express test results will be emailed within 3 hours, emergency tests will be 8-10 hours, and standard tests will be 12-24 hours. If you select a test with London Covid Testing, you can rest assured that 99% of our test results are delivered on time. 

If you test negative, you’re ready to continue your holiday planning! However, you’ll need to return for a further PCR swab if you receive an inconclusive test.

If you test positive, you should immediately follow Public Health England’s guidance to see whether isolation or reporting is required. GOV.UK is a good resource for checking up-to-date requirements. 

You should be aware that it is possible to still test positive for a short while after recovery. It may be more appropriate to request a COVID-19 recovery certificate from the clinic in these cases. This states that you have recently had and recovered from COVID-19. 

Cancelling or Rebooking an Appointment 

Sometimes plans change, and at London Covid Testing, we accommodate this as best we can. If you wish to rebook your appointment, you can do this up to 48 hours in advance at no additional cost. 

If government restrictions change, meaning you need to cancel your appointment, you can contact the team for a refund. For any changes, refunds, or cancellations, contact customer services at

Book Your Fit to Fly PCR Travel Test In London 

If you’ve been excited about going on a trip but worried that you might not be able to travel, this is all the information you need.

The COVID-19 pandemic keeps the world in and out of continuous lockdowns and restrictions. But, if you need to travel soon, you can use a PCR travel test in London for the ultimate peace of mind. Avoid infection, being denied boarding, or foreign quarantine with a reliable and accurate test. 

If you’d like extra peace of mind with a reliable Fit to Fly PCR Travel Test in London, contact us to book your appointment now!