The benefits of antigen testing for Covid

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Antigen test offered by London Covid Testing

What is antigen testing for Covid and how does it work?

Antigen testing, also known as rapid antigen test, is an effective and accurate way to detect the presence of Covid-19. It works by identifying proteins on the surface of the virus in a quick manner, usually delivering results within 15 minutes.

London Covid Testing offers antigen test near me that can be used for both pre-travel screening and general symptom screenings in certain cases. The antigen test is recommended by leading health organizations worldwide as it features reliable performance and maximum convenience.

London Covid Testing believes antigen testing should always be easily available to everyone and provides antigen testing with same-day appointments.

The benefits of antigen testing for Covid-19 over traditional testing methods.

The antigen test has become a popular option for those who are looking to travel during the pandemic, due to its highly accurate and rapid results. At London Covid Testing, we offer the fit to fly antigen test that can help you acquire the necessary documentation for travel in a matter of minutes.

Our antigen test results are processed quickly and are incredibly accurate; capable of detecting the presence of acute infection using study samples from nose and throat swabs. With this comprehensive coverage no matter what environment or situation you find yourself in, you can be confident that you are making informed decisions about your health and safety when it comes to travelling.

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How to get tested for Covid using antigen tests?

If you’re looking to get an antigen test, London Covid Testing is the place for you. Our clinic offers a rapid antigen test and the fit-to-fly antigen test also known as an antigen test for travel to ensure that our customers are safe and prepared for their travels.

We provide home kits for our customers’ convenience and peace of mind regarding covid testing, so they can have the assurance of a safe journey globally. Our rapid results from our antigen tests mean that you won’t need to wait around long for your results and will be able to travel confidently knowing you’ve had a thorough check-up.


What to do if an antigen Covid test result is positive?

If you have received a positive antigen test result, the most important step to take is to contact your healthcare provider immediately. Once your healthcare provider has confirmed the antigen test result, they will help you to decide on a course of action. This could include such measures as self-isolation, quarantine and additional tests.

An antigen covid test must be observed in combination with other tests and data to ensure an accurate diagnosis. At London Covid Testing we offer the rapid antigen test that is highly effective when it comes to detecting the presence of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Our team can arrange for an antigen test to be administered in our Clinic, at home or even in your hotel room – whichever is most convenient for you. Ensuring a timely antigen test is completed will help keep yourself and others safe from infection.


Is antigen testing suitable for travelling?

As the world slowly moves back to a sense of normalcy, antigen testing for travel is increasingly becoming a popular option. London Covid Testing has covid antigen test available both in-clinic and in-home, giving travellers more options for antigen test convenience and availability.

The antigen test like our popular “Fit to Fly Antigen Test” specifically cater to travel purposes, delivering trustworthy results that allow passengers peace of mind while travelling. For those looking for a “Fit to Fly antigen test near me,” London Covid Testing conveniently offers antigen testing at various locations throughout Central London.

With an antigen test before embarking on your next adventure, you can rest assured knowing safety and security will be covered during your travels abroad.

Book now the fit-to-fly antigen test near me offered by London Covid Testing!

Book now an antigen test near me!

London Covid Testing offers an antigen covid test near me that allows you to easily and quickly access critical information about your health. Whether you choose to come into the clinic or stay in the comforts of your own home, investing in an antigen test is a cost-effective strategy for protecting yourself and others around you.

With cheap antigen test kits, London Covid Testing makes it easier than ever to identify if you have been exposed to covid. Book now and take back control of your health!